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Prior to hiring Joni, we knew we needed to bring in product expertise but weren’t sure exactly where to start or the type of Product Manager we needed. Given Joni’s expertise and career, she was the right person to help us think through the process.

She guided us in helping identify the type of resource we needed, writing the job description, creating the exercise/assessment and went so far as to help review them and give us pointers on where to dig deeper in the following interviews with candidates.

Our biggest take away in the entire process was Joni helping us realize what we thought we needed, wasn’t actually what the business needed. She worked with us in redefining what a Product Manager meant for our team and the actual current state of the business and business needs.

Joni was an absolute pleasure to work with and we ultimately hired the best Product Manager for our team and very excited for him to start with us! I would highly recommend Joni and her work!

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