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Imagine having a product management expert available to answer your career and product questions. Hi, I’m Joni and I teach people how to start, grow and accelerate their product management careers.

Are you struggling to land more first-round interviews? Or perhaps you’ve just been hired and are wondering how to maximize your first days on the job. Maybe you’re just feeling stuck and need help developing your leadership skills.

If you are a Product Manager or aspire to become a PM, one of the most impactful decisions you can make is to invest in yourself with a coach. I offer private coaching sessions via video conferencing and am eager to help you advance your career. If you want to learn more about me, click over here. Otherwise, keep reading to find out which of my services is best for you.

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Are you looking to land your next PM job? The key to a successful PM job search is to leverage the experience of a seasoned PM hiring manager with the tools you need to be organized and prepared. And having your own accountability partner doesn’t hurt, either! If you’re ready to invest in your career and kickstart your PM job search, click the button to learn more.

Do you want to land your next dream PM job? That one you’ve been thinking about for months, if not years? Let’s face it… whether you are just starting out or you’re a seasoned product management leader, the thought of interviewing strikes fear into all of us. The key to successful interviewing is to be confident and prepared. My custom-designed, intensive interview prep program is for you!

Have you recently started a new role and want to set yourself up for success? Or perhaps you’re uncertain about what your career potential as a product manager is. I can help you evaluate where you’re at, explore the options for your future and create a career roadmap that will excite and fulfill you.

Feeling stuck? Tired of spinning your wheels and trying to figure things out on your own? This one-hour call with me will provide you with the clarity you need to move forward in your career. You can ask me anything about whatever challenges you’re facing. I’ll give you no-nonsense advice that you can put into action immediately.

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Working with Joni has been incredible! She’s intelligent, encouraging, and insightful. She deeply understands what it takes to be a transformational product manager.

I came from a very early-stage startup background and was having trouble transitioning into a larger company. Since I began working with her, I started getting recruiters reaching out to me continually. She introduced me to a handful of opportunities in the healthcare sector for which I have a passion.

With her help, I recently accepted a job that is the perfect fit for me! Her service has been immensely valuable, and I can’t recommend her enough. I’ll continue to work with her throughout my career.

Greyson Boerner

I have had the pleasure of working with Joni on two separate occasions – first at Sonos and then later at TrackR. At Sonos, she and I worked very closely over a number of years on a series of different SW related projects. It was clear from the start that Joni’s combination of business smarts, tech knowledge and understanding, and her ability to drive results through collaboration with a wide-range of partners (SW developers, audio engineers, Financial analysts, Product Marketers, etc.), was second to none. So much so, that when I made the move to TrackR, and we were exploring some new and exciting software and application initiatives, Joni was right at the top of the list of folks with whom I felt we had to hire to work with. She applied the same combination of skills and attributes that I had seen at Sonos – only this time, as it had been about two years since we had worked together, I could see how much more she was bringing to the table (and that’s saying a great deal, given how much she brought at Sonos) for us. Most important about Joni -her approach and demeanor to people is terrific. Sure, she has the business and technical “chops” but the secret to her success is how she is able to genuinely engage with people to ensure that the best results are achieved. I am looking forward to the next opportunity to work with Joni again! 

Raja Subramoni

“We brought in Joni right at a time when we were stuck. We had a vision of where we wanted to go and lots of great ideas but had no structure or process for getting those ideas into actionable steps. Joni led us through a series of workshops where we were able to organize and distill those ideas. We then used customer journeys, time and effort as the filtering lenses that allowed us to unblock progress and start moving forward in the product roadmap we had defined. I would recommend Joni any time.”

Nathan Kelly, CEO of Adero

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