Product Manager Coaching

Yes, it’s possible to have a thriving career as a Product Manager!

I’m here to help.

Joni Hoadley, the Product Manager Coach

Hey, there! I’m Joni, AKA The Product Manager Coach.

I teach people how to start, grow and accelerate their product management careers.

If you are a Product Manager or aspire to become a PM, one of the most impactful decisions you can make is to work with a coach. If you want to learn more about me, click over here. Otherwise, keep reading to find out which of my services is best for you.

Here are the Product Manager Coaching Services I offer:

Product Manager Job Search Coaching Program

Are you looking to land your next PM job? The key to a successful PM job search is to leverage the experience of a seasoned PM hiring manager with the tools you need to be organized and prepared. And having your own accountability partner doesn’t hurt, either! If you’re ready to invest in your career and kickstart your PM job search, click the button to learn more.

Product Manager Interview Prep Coaching

Do you want to land your next dream PM job? That one you’ve been thinking about for months, if not years? Let’s face it… whether you are just starting out or you’re a seasoned product management leader, the thought of interviewing strikes fear into all of us. The key to successful interviewing is to be confident and prepared. My custom-designed, intensive interview prep program is for you!

Have you recently started a new role and want to set yourself up for success? Or perhaps you’re uncertain about what your career potential as a product manager is. I can help you evaluate where you’re at, explore the options for your future and create a career roadmap that will excite and fulfill you.

Do you have a green product team that lacks the skills needed to build products your customers love? Or perhaps you’re a product leader who doesn’t have a product management background?

These are some of the problems I’m typically brought in to solve:
• Building alignment – Learn how to decide what’s important, where to start and how to set OKRs and goals.
• Improving product processes – Learn how to get out of feature factory mode and scale for rapid growth and long-term success.
• Coaching and team management – Start hitting key milestones, improve communication and morale.

My product team coaching can provide your team with the skills and accountability you need to take your team (and business) to the next level. Schedule a call to discuss.

product manager power hour

Just need a single session to get the clarity you need to move forward in your career? Stop spinning your wheels and trying to figure things out on your own with a “PM Power Hour” call. You can ask me anything about whatever challenges you’re facing. You’ll get no-nonsense advice that you can put into action immediately.