You’ve got happy, paying customers using your product.
Now you’re ready to get serious about evolving your product line-up to generate more revenue.

I can help.

I’m passionate about helping companies identify great products to build that grow their business. I practice a design thinking approach that is outcome focused and delivers results.

Drawing on my 20+ years of product management experience, I can help you discover the right products to build using techniques that enable you to achieve product-market fit in a way that scales.

My specialties include:

Advising start-ups on how to maximize revenue strategically

Many companies are so focused on short-term deliverables that they fail to establish a solid strategy that serves as a north star for the rest of the entire company. If you are struggling to figure out which direction to take your company, I can help you define a strategy, vision and product roadmap that is outcome focused and delivers results.

Facilitating the product discovery process to help you figure out what products to create or how to evolve your existing products

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At the foundation of any successful software development effort is an effective “Discovery” process. This discovery process de-risks your software investment by ensuring we build a solution that actually satisfies your customers’ needs and solves their problems.

One of my favorite tools for doing ‘discovery’ is creating a customer journey map that allows you to better understand your customers’ needs and identify opportunities for innovation.

Performing a product assessment to help you optimize your business

Optimizing your business once you’ve launched your product requires ongoing care and attention. Whether you’re in the throes of a big project, starting a company, or leading a turnaround, it’s easy to feel lost, anxious, and alone. With you’re moving so fast, it’s easy to end up with a roadmap that’s just a list of features in reaction to your sales team or dev teams that aren’t innovating because they’re too busy fixing bugs and dealing with technical debt. I can conduct an assessment that provides you with possible pitfalls to avoid as you scale or pivot your business while uncovering new revenue opportunities.

Helping you scale for success

Most start-ups have a founder who serves as the ‘product’ person initially. It’s their idea, their baby. As a company starts to grow, the founder may need to make adjustments to keep up with the demands of making every product decision and this is when the first pain points appear in your product team. I can help you plan for growth that sets you up for long-term, rapid success. I can also identify gaps in how your teams work today as well as provide coaching on how to evolve and scale those teams and processes for rapid growth.

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