5 Job Search Tips for Product Managers Preparing for the Great Resignation of 2021

I can’t read my newsfeed anymore without seeing an article talking about the Great Resignation of 2021. If you’ve been too busy enjoying post-quarantine freedom and haven’t seen it yourself, let me bring you quickly up to speed. 95% of…

Product Manager Job Interviews: The ONE question to prepare for

Here is the ONE question you should be prepared for when interviewing for a new Product Manager job.

How to Break into Product Management

Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” It’s often used in the context of acts of service intended to foster peace, inspiration, and inclusion around the world. If you're struggling to get hired as a product…

How To Make Product Management Connections On Linkedin

Here's how to connect with someone on LinkedIn to request informational interviews about product management.

6 Simple Steps To an Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter

You may be asking yourself, why bother with a cover letter? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Maybe you’ve heard companies don’t care. After all, most job postings include uploading a cover letter as optional. You might believe that since you’re applying online, you only…

Launch Your Career as a Product Manager

If you want to become a product manager, I encourage you to treat your career just like you would a product. Start thinking (and acting!) like a product manager by continuously assessing, improving and measuring all of the different aspects of getting a job.

5-day Resume Challenge: How to make time to work on your resume when you’re too busy

I've created a 5 day challenge that will help you manage your time and create your resume quickly and easily so that you can be prepared for new opportunities when they arise.

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