Product Manager’s RACI Template (Google Sheets)


If you’re a product manager, then chances are you’ve been asked to complete a RACI chart at some point in your career. But what is a RACI chart, and how can you use it to effectively manage your products? This blog post will answer these questions and provide you with a handy template to get started. So read on for all the details!

RACI is an acronym derived from the four key responsibilities most typically used in project management: responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed. It is typically used for clarifying and defining roles and responsibilities in cross-functional or departmental projects and processes.

I developed a RACI template to help ensure that everyone involved in the project understands who is doing what, who the key decision-makers are, and who needs to be involved along the way. I typically work in a very rapid, agile fashion, so when initiating a new project, I find that getting everyone quickly aligned about roles and responsibilities is one of the keys to a successful venture.

Like most of you, I am reluctant to re-invent the wheel, especially when it comes to creating new documents that are fairly standard, and so I went in search of a RACI template for Google Sheets.  I was surprised to come up empty-handed.  I found RACI templates available in Excel format, and various sites offered to make their template available if I provide them with my email address (no, thank you).

I created a template from scratch, which I’m making available to anyone who’d like to use it. Enjoy and pay it forward!

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