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Kickstart Your PM Resume With This Checklist

Did you know your resume only has 7.4 seconds to make an impression? Even worse, 3 out of every 4 candidates don't even make it past the automated screening process used by tech companies today.

The good news is: you can overcome these daunting odds with the Product Manager Resume Checklist designed to kickstart your PM job search and help you land your next role.

This Product Manager Resume checklist is for you if:

  • Landing a new PM job is a goal for this year
  • You want to transition into product management from a different role
  • You’ve recently left a job and don’t know where to get started
  • You haven’t created a resume in years and aren’t sure what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for
  • You’ve applied for lots of jobs but haven’t been able to land enough interviews

"I came from a very early-stage startup background and was having trouble transitioning into a larger company. Since I began working with her, I started getting recruiters reaching out to me continually." 

Greyson B.

Product Manager

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