Resume Audit

Are you applying for jobs and not getting enough first-round interviews? If so, I can help!

75% of all job applications are rejected by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), so if you are applying for jobs and getting lots of canned rejection emails, there’s a good chance that your resume is not ATS-friendly.

And even if your resume does make it past these digital gatekeepers, your resume has less than 8 seconds to make an impression with recruiters! Optimize your chances of landing an interview with a resume audit by an experienced product management professional.

As a product management leader for more than 20 years, I know the types of skills and traits PM hiring managers are looking for. I can provide you with suggestions on keywords you should incorporate and how you can better tailor your resume to match what the hiring manager is looking for.

The ultimate outcome of this resume review is to help you land your dream job.

Price: $199

What’s included:

  • A detailed critique of your resume based on an established framework of format, writing style, accomplishments, and relevancy based on PM job descriptions
  • Recommended edits you should consider making, including keywords to include to help your resume get past automated resume scanning services

Ready to get started? Simply pay by clicking the blue button below and I will send you instructions.


I was amazed by the fast turnaround time and the relevance of the tips that were provided. There were areas in my resume that required improvement, which were not obvious to me, so the critique has definitely improved the quality of my resume. Highly recommended!