The Product Manager

Job Search Playbook

Get everything you need to land your next PM role!

The Product Manager Job Search Playbook comes with 21 plug-and-play templates, real world examples, and expert guidance for every situation in your job search.

Product Manager's Job Search Templates Kit

Do you freeze up trying to think of what to say to a recruiter or hiring manager?

🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if this makes you want to curl up into a little ball… trying to connect with someone you’ve never met, with whom you share no mutual connections, and whom you don’t know anything about other than that they work at your target company.

What can you say to make sure you are a candidate they want to talk to? The PM Job Search Templates Kit will help you go from feeling nervous and anxious to feeling confident and proactive. 

Includes 21 templates

Everything a job seeker needs to find their next role is included in this downloadable PDF kit. You'll learn what to say to recruiters, hiring managers and people in your professional network when you're looking for a job. Plus, there are 15 email templates with multiple subject line options, as well as templates for an ATS-friendly resume and cover letter.

Plus you'll get the 'Sherlock Holmes' bonus

The Kit includes a bonus guide to figuring out the email address for hiring managers and recruiters. Now, you can stop sending LinkedIn messages that go unread and get your message delivered straight to their inbox!

The Product Manager Job Search Playbook

Create an effective resume that gets you noticed

Communicate with the right people using the right message

Land more interviews and without wasting time

Product Manager's Job Search Templates Kit


Joni Hoadley, The Product Manager Coach

Joni Hoadley, The Product Manager Coach

About Joni

Hi, there. I'm Joni Hoadley, aka, The Product Manager Coach and I'm on a mission to help people grow their product management careers.

I am so excited to help you achieve your goals of landing a new product manager position! When I started out as a product manager, there were few resources available to help me grow my career, so I've learned a LOT of lessons the HARD way!

I'm here to help you based on my 20+ years as a product manager and coach. I created these scripts and templates in a handy downloadable PDF so that you can succeed in your job search and be as competitive as possible.