Interview Prep Coaching for Product Managers

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Do you want to land a new Product Manager job? That one you’ve been thinking about for months, if not years?

Let’s face it… whether you are just starting out or you’re a seasoned product management leader, the thought of interviewing strikes fear into all of us.

The key to successful interviewing is to be confident and prepared. My custom-designed, intensive product manager interview program is for you!

What’s included in this intensive Interview Preparation Coaching program:

  • Three one-hour coaching sessions; these can be scheduled at your convenience, but I do recommend doing them over a one or two-week period
  • Replay access to session recordings so that you can review your progress as often as you’d like
  • Mock interviews that cover the range of typical PM questions, including, but not limited to general, design/product sense, analytical, estimation, and technical; these mock interviews happen during your four coaching sessions
  • Access to me via Slack for ongoing conversations throughout the program for support and guidance
  • More than 100 sample interview questions related to product management that you should prepare for
  • Guidance on how to answer all types of PM interview questions, including which product management frameworks to use

What Clients Are Saying:

greyson b.

product manager

Working with Joni has been incredible! She’s intelligent, encouraging, and insightful. She deeply understands what it takes to be a transformational product manager.

I came from a very early-stage startup background and was having trouble transitioning into a larger company. Since I began working with her, I started getting recruiters reaching out to me continually. She introduced me to a handful of opportunities in the healthcare sector for which I have a passion.

With her help, I recently accepted a job that is the perfect fit for me! Her service has been immensely valuable, and I can’t recommend her enough. I’ll continue to work with her throughout my career.

Joni’s coaching sessions are worth every penny. She helped me throughout the entire process from resume and cover letter to interview prep – which is much harder than I originally anticipated – and offer negotiation. She assessed my background and experience openly, giving me honest and encouraging feedback. I landed my dream job thanks to her. I plan to continue working with Joni and highly recommend her to anyone looking to enter, or grow, in the highly competitive product management market.


DIRECTOR OF product manageMENT

james b.

product manager

Got the job!!! Couldn’t have done it without her help. Thank you.

About Joni Hoadley

Joni Hoadley
Joni Hoadley,
The Product Manager Coach

Hi, there. I’m Joni, the Product Manager Coach. With more than 20 years as a product management leader, I have interviewed and hired hundreds of people. Now I’m on a mission to help people grow and accelerate their careers as product managers.

Not sure if private coaching is for you? Book a consultation call with me here. I’d love to walk you through my process and see if we’re a good fit for working together.

You can also reach me at info@jonihoadley.com

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