Grab these valuable downloads designed to help you become a better product manager. Whether you’re a seasoned pro who needs a refresher or cheet sheet or you’re struggling to get through product manager job interviews and need to know more about PM basics, I’ve created these freebies to elevate your product management career.

Product Discovery for Beginners

Are you sick of shipping products your customers don’t use? Are you a product manager who knows you should be talking to your customers but either you don’t know how or simply haven’t made the time?

Imagine kicking off your next big project confident that you can build the right product your customers love — and will happily pay for! Product Discovery for Beginners is the answer!

Secret Tricks to Get a Product Manager Job

Are you afraid that you’re not technical enough to get a product manager job? Or perhaps you worry that you don’t have relevant experience and yet every job posting you see requires at least 3 years of experience? 

If this sounds like you, I’m here to help! I’ve put together a cheat sheet of tricks to help you forge your path into product management based on my personal journey. 

Product Managers Resume Guide and Checklist

The Product Manager’s Resume Guide & Checklist

Did you know your resume has only 7.4 seconds to make an impression on recruiters and hiring managers?!? Even scarier, 75% of candidates don’t make it past those pesky automated screening systems!

Overcome these daunting odds with the Product Manager’s Resume Guide & Checklist and take an important step towards landing your dream job!

How to Crush Your First 90 Days as a PM

The first 90 days in a new product management role are critical because this is the time that sets you up for long-term success (or not). 

If you’re about to start a new role in product management and are unsure about how to start off on the right foot, download my FREE guide to starting a new PM job which includes your roadmap to success along with lots of helpful resources to learn even more. 

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