Zoom Bingo Game for Product Managers

We’re in the final stretch of 2020 and many of you may be starting to mentally check out because the holidays are here, your kids are out of school for a couple of weeks, or you’re just done. Stick a…

Top 10 Frightfully Scary Product Manager Nightmares

Halloween is just around the corner. I love watching scary movies this time of year, especially the original Halloween movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis. There are so many scary movies to choose from, I usually watch one almost every night…

What do Tom Brady and Oprah have in common with product managers?

The key to winning is to lead your team to focus on the right solution for the first opportunity you need to deliver before moving on to the second one, and the third one and so on. Prioritize and focus on incremental activities that put you closer to your goal.

Product Manager Key to Success: Collaboration

I've been thinking a lot about the importance of collaboration and how, as product managers, we are typically the glue that keeps teams together. But quite often, there is a conflict that we're confronted with. Being able to collaborate well…

Everything You Need to Know about Product Discovery – Part Three: Ideation in 8 Steps

Everything You Need to Know about Product Discovery. This week, it's all about hypothesizing. #prodmgmt #productdiscovery #leanstartup #ux

Bring the donuts and boost your product management career

Why bring the donuts?!? Because that's what people who successfully lead cross-functional teams do!

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