Launch Your Career as a Product Manager

If you want to become a product manager, I encourage you to treat your career just like you would a product. Start thinking (and acting!) like a product manager by continuously assessing, improving and measuring all of the different aspects of getting a job.

5-day Resume Challenge: How to make time to work on your resume when you’re too busy

I've created a 5 day challenge that will help you manage your time and create your resume quickly and easily so that you can be prepared for new opportunities when they arise.

Everything You Need to Know about Product Discovery – Part Four: Prototyping, Testing and Validating

Last week I talked about ideating, which is the third phase in the product discovery process and is used to rapidly identify several solutions that would allow you to test your hypotheses. Once you’ve landed on your one idea that…

Everything You Need to Know about Product Discovery – Part Three: Ideation in 8 Steps

Everything You Need to Know about Product Discovery. This week, it's all about hypothesizing. #prodmgmt #productdiscovery #leanstartup #ux

Everything You Need to Know about Product Discovery – Part Two: Hypothesize

Last week, I talked about empathizing with your users and customers. If you’ve just stumbled onto this article, you may want to read the first article in this four-part series on product discovery. It’s the most important step in this…

Everything You Need to Know About Product Discovery: Part One

Product discovery is my favorite product management activity! I love every aspect of it and think it’s the best process for figuring out the right products and features to build. If you’re not familiar with product discovery, or simply looking…

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